We are experiencing an international health crisis that is a great threat to society as we know it. Our respective health care systems, labour markets and economies are challenged and they will continue to be so as long as the pandemic lasts.
Times like these call for solidarity between workers and employers, between decision makers and the general public and between states.

We do not know what the aftermath of the pandemic will bring other than a large bill that has to be pad. The question is by who and with what funds? Too often we have seen that the working class are the ones paying the bill that comes after crises, disasters, etc. for example when the banks were saved in the last economic recession. We do acknowledge the fact that every single person in our societies will have to sacrifice something, but in our opinion the bill must not be covered by funds intended for investments in welfare nor by funds that are intended for the fight against climate change. If we cover the bill with the mentioned funds then the working class will be those who pay for it all again.

We will not allow our ambitions for a greener, more just and more equal future are going to be scrapped because of budget cuts on progressive policies and we urge our mother parties, whether or not they are in government, to push for solutions that are economically responsible and that they work against austerity-based solutions that will place the bill on the working class alone. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic has been the reason for closed borders, closed shops and struggling companies many people are looking into a future dominated by a period of unemployment. As Social Democrats we are obliged to ensure that as many people as possible are covered by our respective safety nets and that they will be channeled back into the labour market. That is why the Social Democratic parties in the Nordic countries have to push for public investments during and after the pandemic, to help companies avoid bankruptcy, and strengthening and expanding the unemployment funds.

Therefore, FNSU demands:

  • That the policies of our parties will still be enrolled after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • No budget cuts on welfare or the green transition.
  • Public investments through expansive fiscal policy so that we can fight unemployment    
  • An employment guarantee must be given to persons under 30, so that we can fight youth unemployment

Coronakrisen må ikke bruges som undskyldning for nedskæringer på velfærd og klimaambitioner! Sådan lyder det fælles…

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